15:58 Knife Co: Neches Hunter

By Phil Spano

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, and always abounding in the work of the lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58

That’s where the inspiration for their name comes from. You can use your own imagination as to what it means, or you can dive into it a bit more to get the exact meaning behind it. To me, I see it as meaning to always give your best, stand true to what you believe in and know that your hard work will not go unnoticed.

The Company

I’ve been following along with this small, family-run business since they first posted on Instagram back in May of 2021, 15:58 Knife Company. The first few photos were intriguing and drew me in instantly. The designs of the tools they were making had a certain look to them that just made me want one. They looked like they were forged out of old tools that came from ancient times and hammered into more modern but still rugged fixed blade knife.

15:58 started their knife-making journey with ABS Master Bladesmith Josh Fisher, who also owns Josh Fisher Custom Knives, and bladesmith Erik McCright, but now it seems Josh is doing it solo and if you’ve seen what 15:58 is pumping out of the shop, he can handle it.

Josh is an award-winning bladesmith who’s been at it since 2007. Hailing from East Texas, a family man with a wife and 2 children. He also got his daughter Karis involved, who is about 19 years old and has just earned a Journeyman Bladesmith Award with the American Bladesmith Society(ABS).

Josh got into bladesmithing because he was looking for a patch knife for hunting with his muzzleloader. If you don’t know, a patch knife is used by riflemen to cut leather or cloth patches that were wrapped around the rifle’s lead shot. The patch would then be used to seal any space between the inside of the rifle barrel and the round ball. He had a neighbor who had made them before, taught Josh how to do it, and has been making knives ever since. 

The Goods

In photos the Neches Hunter is flawless. A tool that begs to be used and abused. The look of it feels like it belongs in a dirty, rusted-out industrial setting in a factory that manufactures sparks so there are always great photo opportunities. But, that’s not exactly what this knife was made for. Obviously, the name gives it away, the Neches Hunter. A tool to carry while you’re out in the woods trying to bring home dinner. It’s a companion that will help you process your game or keep you out of a sketchy situation.

It’s more than just a woods knife though. The Neches Hunter can handle your basic edc tasks with ease. Made of the great 52100 steal at an overall length of 6.5” with a full flat grind, it’s nice and slicey. You have just about 3” of blade that rips through most things, the edge holds up great and is very easy to sharpen. It’s dressed in micarta handles and they offer a variety of different flavors and the whole package tucks away nicely in a pocketable, handmade leather sheath with a pocket clip, made in the USA by Bobs Custom Saddle Shop.

The Neches Hunter has been in my pocket for just about 2 weeks now accompanying me while at work. I’ve used it to cut anything from cardboard boxes, to wire jacketing, to opening up packaging and breaking down plastic.  

The Neches Hunter is so close to being a perfect knife. The shape of the handle can be bothersome though if you have big hands and can become uncomfortable after using the knife for a bit, but it is definitely not a deal breaker. The 52100 is very easy to sharpen but will need to stay clean and dry to prevent corrosion and rust.

If you’ve never heard of 15:58 Knife Co. before I highly suggest checking them out here, give Josh a follow and check out what he has to offer. 

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