Recommended Additional Training Resources

If you’re looking for training in specific topics or more advanced wilderness survival training, check out these trusted resources.

Online Training


Gold-standard clinical content & latest treatment updates taught by ER & wilderness medicine physicians. Thorough & personalized instructor attention skills coaching and easy access for questions. Interactive online courses help you quickly master key concepts at your own pace. Enhanced video simulations & innovative Practical Skills training teach you to assess & treat patients in real emergencies. Two-year certificate accepted by National Park Service, Forest Service, National Assn for Search & Rescue & many others.


Lost Raven Chronicles is a business founded with the purpose of preserving and promoting traditional skills and values in a modern world. Our mission is to guide men and women through community and education, teaching them the essential skills and values that will help them live a more self-reliant life.


The mission of the Herbal Academy is to empower people with the art and science of herbalism through accessible, affordable herbal education that represents many points of view and honors our intrinsic connection to nature.

In Person Training


Location: Gallant, AL

RAT has led numerous expeditions and training courses in the Amazon jungles of Peru and across the United States with a clientele ranging from military and law enforcement teams, to film crews and professional adventurers. Since their beginnings on the floor of the Amazon jungle in 1997, the RAT team now averages over 100 days a year in the field and has evolved into one of the top outdoor training schools in the United States. Whether it’s exploring a mountain peak in Colorado, canyoneering in the red rock country of Utah, teaching survival in the Amazon jungle of Peru, instructing technical rescue courses to first responders in austere environments, or hiking and caving in remote areas of the Southeast, the team is always testing new gear and techniques for the extremes of the modern day.


Location: Williamsburg, MA

Everything we teach at Raven Wilderness school is about feeling comfortable and at home in the forest. Nature provides everything you need to survive outside. Whether it is for a camping adventure or if you ever found yourself lost in the forest (on purpose or not). From natural shelters, making cordage, foraging for berries and plants you can safely eat or use for medicinal purposes, nature’s abundance provides all. Learn to make primitive traps for much needed protein through hunting and fishing, and be able to make fire a without a match or lighter. The skills you learn here at RWS, not only connect you closer with nature, they change who you are and how you look at the natural world. Be that person in your camp who says, ‘I got this, I can make us a fire, I got this, we can filter and boil our water’. Our instructors will work with you until you completely understand the task at hand. Our goal is to teach you to become more confident in the forest.