Knives by Nuge Chickpea: The Perfect EDC Knife?

By Phil Spano

It’s possible that despite what other people say, the mad wizard, aka Nuge, has produced one of, if not the perfect everyday carry tool. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen the name Knives By Nuge featured from me, and I’m sure it won’t be the last… but here we go again!

Nuge reached out and wanted to send me one of his Chickpeas to try out, abuse, and eventually review. Naturally, I said yes because I liked the Bad Chick so much and the Chickpea is essentially the same knife wearing a G-10 skirt.

Let’s dive right in and hit the meat and potatoes. The Chickpea, from Knives By Nuge is a 6.5” piece of Nitro-V at 3/32” thick. You get just about 3” of cutting edge with a tiny but effective sharpening choil.  The knife is sent out to Paul Bos, yea the guy who does Buck Knives, for heat treat so you get a rock-hard 60-61 HRC piece of stainless steel with a 90° spine for sparking ferro rods and shaving fat wood for making fires. 

The Chickpea, unlike the Bad Chick, comes wearing G-10 handles which are media blasted to give them that extra grip for wet or sticky situations. This package comes with a beautifully made leather sheath that rides on your belt from JRE, or you can order a scout carry kydex sheath made by Nuge himself.

The Chickpea, to me, is one of the best knives I’ve handled. The sizing is perfect for my hands, I wear large-sized gloves. It’s barely noticeable on your belt at the one o’clock position on your waist if you chose to scout carry, or if you add an ulti clip it’ll sit nicely in the pocket without poking or sticking out too far. The JRE sheath is very well made and perfect for carrying the Chickpea out in the woods. The knife slips in and out of it without any issues or getting caught up on anything.

The Chickpea can and will handle any normal EDC-type task, such as opening up packages or cutting tape, it will pierce sheet metal and aluminum cans if you need it to because you forgot a can opener while camping. It’s small enough to process game although you may want to check out the Wicket for that task, but in a pinch, the Chickpea will do just fine. As far as carving goes this will whittle you a spear for your mallows in no time or your feather sticks for fire craft. Food prep is a breeze with the Chickpea with the slicey saber grind you’ll be slicing through your kids’ fruit or nuggies with ease.

Hit the link down below and pick up a Chickpea for yourself and see what I mean. With all the knives I have in my collection, the Chick Pea seems to be the most popular choice lately as I find that I don’t want to leave home without it.

Head on over to and grab a Chickpea and see the other awesome edged camping tools he has to offer.

A Note From Nick…

This knife is so nice we reviewed it twice! Check out my review of one of the earlier iterations of the Chickpea here, as well as Phils’ review of the Bad Chick here

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