Black Flag Outdoor Academy

The Black Flag Outdoor Academy has one simple goal, to empower people to learn the skills they need to be safe and feel confident in the great outdoors.

We recognize that people have different preferences to how they learn, so we have designed our courses to be conducted both in an online setting and with in-person instruction.

Our online course work will provide valuable information through written instruction and video demonstrations, allowing students to develop the skills they need at a pace and place that is comfortable for them.

Our in person courses will provide the same information as our online program with the benefit of having hands on instruction and practice.

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The Basics Program is a series of mini-courses designed to introduce beginners to a variety of wilderness survival topics. These courses can also serve as a refresher or provide a different perspective for experienced outdoors people. These courses are 100% free of charge and will be offered online through this website. You can expect these to be delivered in a combination text, info graphic, and short form video.

Wilderness Skills Fundamentals Program

The Wilderness Skills Fundamentals is designed to help those just getting started in their outdoor journey develop the basic skills they need to be safe and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Program consists of three courses:

Course 1: Mind Set

The Mindset Course is designed to help people develop vital mental and emotional skills to safely and responsibly enjoy the great outdoors.

Course 2: Skill Set

The Skill Set Course is designed to help people begin to develop some of the many skills outdoors people utilize in the wilderness. The information in this course can provide a solid skill foundation that can be built upon through practice and experience.

Course 3: Gear Set

The Gear Set Course is designed to help people select quality essential gear and avoid gimmicky equipment that is not necessary. The gear discussed will compliment the skills discussed in the previous courses.

Program Goals

Upon the completion of these courses, students will have a solid foundation in wilderness skills, emergency preparedness, and basic survival knowledge. This foundation is a great base for the aspiring outdoors person to build upon throughout their life time.

Additional Resources

Linked below are some additional educational resources and information available through the Black Flag Outdoor Academy.