By Phil Spano

The history:

There’s just something so satisfying about the smell of new leather. These guys at Hound Valley Goods haven’t been at it for long, but they sure know how to make something out of nothing.

Hound Valley Goods makes products for the modern gentleman. Their designs may be somewhat traditional but they are far from the boring mass produced cheesy wallet you’d find at your local Wally World.

Hound Valley Goods comes from the minds of Zak and Boomer, both are the typical family man and both dog lovers, hence the name Hound Valley Goods. 

The 2 met a dog park where they got to talking and the rest is history. HVG got their start in January of 2022 with Boomer starting to pick up leather work a few months prior in November of 2021. 

Fast forward to today and Hound Valley Goods is just Boomer since Zak purchased a house, he unfortunately hasn’t had time to get into the shop and make, but him and Boomer are still very good friends. 

Hound Valley Goods now offers 8 different wallet options as well a pocket notebook cover all using different colors of Pueblo leather and multiple thread options, they’ll have a leather creation that you’d be guaranteed to like. 

The Goods:

Boomer contacted me back in December, after following each other for a while on Instagram, asking me if I wanted to check out one of his wallet designs. If you know me at all then you know, if it’s free it’s for me! I liked what I was seeing so I said hell yea. The first wallet he sent me was the Remy.

The Remy is a foldable front pocket wallet with 6 card slots that can hold about 10 cards and some folded cash before it gets to be uncomfortable in the pocket. It has 4 main card slots and 2 underneath on both sides for cash and the extra cards like your license and insurance cards.  My Remy is made of a natural Pueblo leather with tan thread. The leather has held up great and has developed a beautiful patina to it and the stitching is as flawless today as it was when I first got it. 

My Remy was from his early works so the logo is now faint and almost can’t be seen anymore but now that he has a press it is definitely more visible on his newer designs. 

The Remy would make a great wallet for anyone who usually keeps a lot of cards in their wallet but doesn’t want the bulk  of the usual back pocket bi-folds like George Costanza uses.

The next wallet is one of Hound Valley Goods newest designs and I have to say it’s a great one.  Now if you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’m usually a minimal front pocket wallet kind of guy and the Buck is exactly that.

The one I have, Boomer made specifically for me. I wanted it to stand out from the crowd while also being something different than what I usually carry. I usually go with natural earthy tones in my carry but I opted for a maroon Pueblo leather with red stitching.

The leather is the perfect shade from the start, a nice deep maroon color that catches the eye and then the pop of the bright red from the thread just makes this wallet damn near perfect. 

The Buck features a flap closure that tucks neatly into itself. There’s 2 inside pockets, one is small and can really only fit one card, I put my main card in there and the back pocket can fit plenty more. I have 7 cards in there currently along with some cash and it still hides in my pocket and doesn’t become too bulky. You also have a quick pocket on the outside of the wallet that you can use for your license or which ever card you need quick access to. 

While the Buck is similar to a lot of other wallets out there it is still original in its own way from the way the flap is designed to type of leather used, to the extra interior pocket, this is a wallet that is sure to meet your expectations and last a very long time. 

I highly suggest you go check out what Hound Valley Goods has to offer, and grab yourself a beautifully crafted, handmade in the USA, leather wallet.  With Fathers Day approaching soon, maybe pick one up for your dad or husband. Use the code “ruthless” when you check out and save yourself 10% off your order.

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