3V Gear Posse Review

By Phil Spano

Bring your posse!

You know the old Latin phrase, Veni, Vidi, Vici? Well, 3V Gear embraced that and made it their brand name.  They design gear packs and bags designed to fit the lifestyle of basically everyone.

3V Gear strives to bring you the best bags you can find to fit any and all of your gear.  Whether you’re an operator, outdoors person, skydiver, mom of 3, high schooler, or random dude who uses a backpack to carry extra stuff in, they’ve got you covered.

3V Gear offers tactical backpacks, gun bags, urban backpacks, or everyday carry sling bags at a very reasonable price point. These bags are built to withstand the harsh elements of everyday life while providing you with that extra storage you need to carry all of your gear wherever you may need to. 

Not only do they have these awesome bags but they have other gear as well. Of course, they offer the normal swag, like shirts and hats, but you can also find knives, patches, hydration gear, pistol gear, sleeping bags, and hammocks.

I’ve been carrying a 3V Gear backpack for quite some time now and recently they sent me out their Posse EDC sling pack.

The Posse is a small sling-style backpack with only one shoulder strap. It’s a great all-around pack for carrying smaller items that you may need on a day trip or bringing some extra things with you to work or a short hike in the great outdoors.

I’ve been using the Posse to bring some extra gear like a first aid kit and extra batteries as well as some other items with me to work. Check out my YouTube video showing what I stuff in this thing. It sits nice and snug in the center console of my work van and is never in the way when I don’t have it on my back.

The Posse is built with very durable materials like 600D PVC-backed polyester and has a molle Velcro ID which is great if you’re into patches. It also features molle loops on the front bottom panel.  It features 2 front pockets with lots of organization features like nylon webbing to keep your gear secure. The main compartment is very roomy with space for a small laptop or tablet and the back pockets feature an internal loop for your CCW with button closure. 

They designed this thing to move with the wearer, so no matter what you’re getting into, this thing will sit comfortably.  The Posse comes in 4 different color options so no matter what you like I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your kit.

 I’ve been carrying the Posse EDC sling pack for about 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that it’s a solid little pack that holds everything I need for normal daily activities. The zippers are well built and very smooth with zipper pulls on each one, there are little straps and pockets everywhere to attach your knife or cell phone to if you wanted.

So as the saying goes, Veni, Vidi, Vici, 3V gear certainly came into the market, saw what was needed, and conquered it! Both packs have never let me down when I need them the most, they’ve withstood being tossed around or snagged on branches out in the woods and have never backed down or ripped! 

Check them out for yourself and grab a Posse EDC Sling Pack for yourself and see what they’re all about, and at less than $40, you can’t go wrong! Find the Posse EDC Sling Pack and other great products here

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