PSK Knife: What it is and Why it is Important

What is a PSK Knife

A PSK knife is a small, compact knife that is designed to be carried in a survival kit or discretely on your person. The PSK knife is typically a fixed knife with a blade length of 2 or so inches. The blade should be made of a tough, reliable steel and has a sharp edge that can be used for various tasks such as cutting rope, opening packages, and preparing food. While it is not a requirement I like a 90 degree spine on my PSK knife to ensure I can strike a ferro rod and perform basic tasks like scraping tinder.

These knives tend to be “bare bones” options either having a simple handle wrap or a skilentonized handle, because of this high quaility PSK knives canbe opbatined at a low cost to the buyer.

The small size and lightweight of the PSK knife make it convenient to carry, and it is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and survivalists who want to have a reliable cutting tool at hand in case of an emergency.

Why Carry a PSK Knife

It is always reccomended that you carry a full sized fixed blade when heading to the woods, however there are a number of reason we can be seperated from that knife. It is always a good idea to have a back up with you. Carrying a PSK knife can be beneficial for several other reasons:

Emergency preparedness: A PSK knife can be a valuable tool in emergency situations where you need to cut rope, prepare food, or start a fire.

Compact size: Because of its small size, a PSK knife can be easily carried as a neck knfe or in a pocket, making it convenient to have on hand at all times.

Lightweight: A PSK knife typically weighs only a few ounces, making it easy to carry without adding extra weight to your gear.

Versatility: Despite its small size, a PSK knife can be used for a variety of tasks, including opening packages, and cutting materials.

Overall, carrying a PSK knife is a smart choice for anyone who spends time outdoors or wants to be prepared for emergency situations. It’s a simple and effective tool that can make a big difference when you need it most.

Choosing a PSK Knife

There are many great options for PSK Knives on the market, and that can make the decision of which one to buy pretty complicated. Following the guidelines in the first section can be very helpful, or you can choose one of our reccomendations from below.

Knives by Nuge PSK

The Knives by Nuge PSK is based off of the EDN model, the smallest knife in his line up. Unlike the EDN the PSK does not have handle scales and comes with a basic kydex slip. With a 2 inch scandi ground cutting edge made from tough 1095 high carbon steel this is an ideal option for carving and processing wood. The spine is 90 degrees allowing for easily sparking a ferro rod and scraping tinder. Like all Nuge Knives, the PSK is hand made by nuge in his shop in New Jersey.

ESEE Knives Candiru

The ESEE Candiru is small production fixed blade that features a 2 inch drop point blade made from 1095 high carbon steel. There are skelonitized and handle scale options and they come with a tough powder coating to prevent corrosion. Despite the small size this is tough and reliable knife that can be used for a number of outdoor and emergency tasks. This knife like all other knives in the ESEE line up is made in the USA.

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