SOG Terminus XR Review

By Phil Spano

The people at Studies and Observations Group (S.O.G.) really hit it out of the park with this one. The Terminus XR, equipped with grippy G-10 handles, stonewashed Cryo D2 blade, or you can go with the s35vn version, with a reversible, tip down, a deep carry pocket clip with the XR lock, is a go to for anyone looking for the perfect tool that won’t break the bank but will handle anything you throw at it. 

This knife is a great size, coming in at an overall length of just over 7”, with a blade that’s just under 3”, which gives you plenty of blade to do just about any task like food prep, cutting twine or cordage, making skewers, or prep kindling while out in the wilderness. If you just want to use it for daily life tasks around the house like opening packages or food containers, it can handle it with ease.

With all that being said let’s talk about the cons of the Terminus XR. There’s not much, my only gripe is the pocket clip. The way it’s screwed into the knife handle makes it so it leaves a gap on the butt of the knife, so if you’re wearing khakis or jeans the knife could be a pain to remove from the pocket. Now I have an older version of the knife so that may have changed.

So, in my honest opinion, the Studies and Observations Group Terminus XR is a great knife at an affordable price that will last as long as it’s properly maintained. Check out the link in my below, and go try one out for yourself

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