Renegade Provisions Gungnir Review

By Phil Spano

Renegade Provisions Co breakout design is a beast. Gungnir, the spear of the all father, the god of war, Odin. 

While the Renegade Provisions Co Gungnir may not be as mythical as Odin intended, it sure is just as powerful. A huge chunk of M390 that is 4.25” with a 4” cutting edge and an overall length of 9.34”! This thing is a beast that somehow sits almost undetected in the pocket. 

Not only is it a tank, it’s a beauty, too. Titanium bolsters, titanium hardware, micarta scales, milled or wire pocket clip, and a belt satin blade, the Gungnir works harder than you and looks better while doing it.

It’s not only a great tool to have on you, but if you would like to fidget with your knife, you’ll have no issues here. Flip it, spydie flick it, or use your thumb to open this sucker and listen to the sound of that chunk of metal “clank” as it opens and closes almost to the effect of unsheathing a spear from its holster on your back, and then watch as it drops shut after disengaging the smooth bolster lock.

With all that being said, I only found one thing I’d consider a con with the Gungnir: the cut out in the blade, the speed hole, whatever you call it. It’s quite sharp on the edges. The machining does have some nice lines, but the edges are sharp.

So whether you want to prep dinner, trim your hedges, score drywall, break Seigmund’s sword, or just open packages, this one is for you. The Gungnir, designed by Chris Rossiter of Renegade Provisions Co, built by Reate, is one hell of a tool. Odin would be proud. Check out @renegade.provisionsco on Instagram and get one for yourself, but hurry the quantities are limited.

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