A Life Lived Outdoors: Introduction

By Nick Italiano

A Life Lived Outdoors: Philosophy of Outdoor Living

The Great Outdoors…for some this is a place they have always known, for others it is a great unknown expanse.  Either way it is a place where all of our social rules, conveniences, and modern comforts fade away.  The wild places are full of wonder, excitement, uncertainty, and danger; some people crave this, modern life is dull in comparison. The repetition and predictability of daily life breeds boredom, weakness, and complacency.  Modern man has lost touch with their wild roots, priorities have shifted from trying to stay alive to amassing useless material possessions.

Those who have reconnected to their wild roots often see the failings of modern society.  They recognize the unhealthy obsessions of materialism, the blandness of repetitive days, and the inherent physical and mental weakness that these things breed.  These men and women seek something far more challenging and far more rewarding; they seek adventure, they seek to shake up boring routines, and they seek a simpler way of life.  They yearn to learn the skills that men and women used for centuries to stay alive in uncertain and unpredictable environments.

Some of these people are weekend warriors spending their free time away from modern society hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing. Others have completely embraced a life dedicated to living and working in the wild places.  No matter which of these categories you fall into, there is a place for you in the great outdoors.

This series will discuss my personal philosophies and experiences being an outdoorsman and offer insights into the many physical and mental benefits I have found by embracing this lifestyle, and guidance to help those who wish to pursue an outdoor lifestyle, but are unsure how to achieve it.

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