Studies and Observations Group (S.O.G.) Aegis AT

By Phil Spano

Don’t sleep on SOG. The Aegis AT is a little tank of a folder. Made for the outdoors the Aegis AT is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. The ambidextrous design can be used be anyone and the XR lock  makes closing this knife a breeze.

Assisted opening 3.1” coated D2 steel in either Tanto or Drop point gives you the perfect cutting edge, while the GRN handles offer grip in any condition. Coming in a an overall length of 8.14” the Aegis AT is no joke. You can get it in a variety of different color variations to fit whatever suits you best. 

I carried the Aegis AT for a week and I put it through hits paces. Now I didn’t take it on any hiking trips or outdoor adventures, but I did put it through its paces at work. From cutting open crate straps, digging out old teflon tape from steel fittings, to cutting off insulation and stripping wire, the Aegis AT fought through and after a quick wipe cut up my lunch time apples.

All in all I would definitely recommend the S.O.G. Aegis AT to anyone, but especially those who work in law enforcement, blue collar jobs, or for the outdoor enthusiasts. The Aegis AT will get you through any situation and if it could, it would do it with a smile. Check out the link in my Instagram bio and get yourself one today

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