The Grayl Ultrapress Overview

By Nick Italiano

At home, my family relies on a larger water filtration system to ensure we have clean, great tasting water, but it’s not feasible to pack that system up for travel. Enter the The Grayl Ultrapress.

I had the opportunity to test the Ultrapress while traveling over the last few days, and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the performance of this compact water filter bottle.

The Ultrapress fit nicely in my small pack along with extra clothes, and various other travel related supplies, it’s light weight and could easily fit in our vehicle cupholder when driving from place to place.

I used this to filter water from multiple tap water sources; the hotel and bathroom sinks at various stops along the way. In addition, I also filtered water from a few natural stream sources. The results from every source were the same, great tasting water that didn’t get us sick!

Using the Ultrapress is quick and easy, fill to the indicated line, place the filter insert over the bottle, give the cap a little half turn and press down, 10 seconds later you have 16 oz of clean water. That you can drink directly from the bottle or fill another water bottle and quickly filter more water.

The Filter of the Ultrapress is rated for 300 uses. When you think about both the cost savings and the reduction of plastic waste, this is a no-brainer. The Ultrapress retails for $89.95 with an included filter; even at bargain prices your still looking at at least $1.00 for a bottle of water while outband about, so you’re saving over $200 dollars based on your initial purchase. Replacement cartridges are $24.95, providing even more substantial savings through the life of the Ultrapress. Not to mention, you can pretty much draw water from any source provided; it’s not stagnant water filled with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

With a variety of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a bottle that fits your individual preferences. The Ultrapress is a fantastic everyday, backwoods, travel, and hiking companion. Providing great tasting safe water from just about any source, a significant cost savings over having to buy bottled water and peace of mind! Check out the link below to grab on for yourself!

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