RZE Watches: Valour 38

By Phil Spano

Sophistication meets simplicity with the Valour 38 by RZE Watches. It’s a simple dial, military style time piece, but a watch is way more than that.

A watch does more for a person than just tell time. It tells a story, much like a painting. You look at a watch, and on the surface, you see some hands moving telling you what time it’s supposed to be at that particular moment, but deep down inside, things get way more complicated.

In today’s society it’s easy to not wear a watch, with cell phones in everyone’s pocket, there’s a clock right there that’s 100% accurate all the time. Which is true, but then whenever you want to tell what time it is, you have to dig down into your pocket, unlock your phone, do something completely different than what you originally intended to do, lock it, put it back in your pocket and completely forget to check what time it is.

A wrist watch is always there. If you wear one that is. You can get one to go with your outfit, or your adventure, or for just lounging around your house. Most of them are made pretty durable to withstand quite a beating whether it’s a $50 G-Shock or a $10k Rolex or a $299 Valour 38 from RZE Watches.

Nowadays, in 2023, the simple time piece is few far between. You have your everyday people who wear a smart watch because it syncs to their phones, and they get all their notifications without having to reach all the way down into their pockets to check their phone. In my opinion, the majority of them are ugly.

Most watches are little works of art that you wear on your wrist. Each one is different from the other, from styles to brands to sizes. You can get something different every time. You can get one or 10 that’ll fit your lifestyle. You can even swap out straps for bracelets and vice versa. You can get a fancy dive watch for when your at the pool sipping daiquiris or a rugged field watch when your out and about, or a tough as nails G-Gshock when your out in the woods or hitting the trails in your dirt bike.

I came across the RZE Valour 38. If you haven’t heard of RZE watches before, they’re a small company that got its start thanks to kickstarter. They launched a campaign that reached $30,000 in just a few minutes.

The Valour 38 is a military style field watch that comes in a variety of different color options. I went with the Arrowleaf Yellow option. The Valour 38 is 57g with strap 11mm thick and 45 mm lug to lug with a solid titanium case coated with RZE’s ULTRAhex coating. ULTRAhex is RZE’s proprietary coating they use on their titanium to increase the strength and durability of their watch cases.

Inside this strong titanium case is an S2 NH38A automatic movement. I’m not going to get into the science behind watch movements but an automatic movement in a watch runs off of movement or you can wind the spring inside with the screw down crown that comes on the Valour 38. The hands have a beautiful and long-lasting Japanese Superlume so you can see the time even in the dark.

The watch comes on a nylon NATO style strap with all the hardware being ULTRAhex coated titanium and sapphire crystal to withstand being hit against any surface like your door knobs or car window. It has a 20mm lug width in case you wanted to swap out straps for something different, like a bracelet that’s available to purchase from RZE or a leather or different NATO style strap

With a watch like the Valour 38 coming in at just under $300, it’s a no-brainer. It looks good, comes in a variety of different color options, and is almost unnoticeable on the wrist. With purchase, it comes in a Tarpaulin mini travel pouch in case you want to bring another watch with you on vacation or a weekend getaway with the wife. The Valour 38 will be the perfect addition to your watch collection, or if it’s your first and only watch it’ll serve you well for years to come.

Head on over to RZE watches and see what they’re about and all of the other watches and products they offer.

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