Griffin Co. Scout 2.5 Review

By Phil Spano

There comes a time in a man’s life when a durable tool that he can keep on him at all times is just a necessity. While some people view them as dangerous weapons, the smart folk see them as a tool.

A knife is defined as an instrument composed of a blade, fixed into a handle used for cutting.  Now what you cut with it determines if it’s a tool or a weapon.

Sure there are some knives out there that are made for more specific purposes than cutting boxes or your sandwiches but a lot of those are also for show purposes or samurai.

Recently I picked up a fixed-blade knife from Griffin Co, better known as Combat Beads. The Scout 2.5. I haven’t carried a fixed-blade knife exclusively probably ever in my EDC career but since I’ve had this one I find that I carry a folding knife less and less.

The Scout 2.5 is a bead-blasted chunk of s35vn with a drop point blade and an overall length of 6.5”. The cutting edge is just about 2.5” which leaves plenty of space to fit the hand. The ergos are perfect with no hotspots that I can find. And if you have big pan hands, there’s a spot to add a lanyard to give you some extra purchase and you can grab a bead from Combat Beads while you pick up your Scout 2.5.

You can get it with a few different handle scales. I opted for the OD Green micarta, but there’s natural micarta, black micarta, or you can get titanium or brass with or without the Griffin Co logo on them to purchase alongside one of the micarta options.

It comes in a kydex sheath with a clip that will sit vertically in your pocket or horizontally on your belt. The sheath is nothing fancy but it’s fine and holds the Scout 2.5 in there nice and snug like intended. If you prefer, Para Drop leather also makes slips for them but I’ve heard they’re not easy to get. 

I have used this knife for a lot of different tasks from cutting up strawberries for my kids to opening up a hole in drywall and it has handled it without hesitation. The blade comes sharp and ready to work and being s35vn it’s easy to sharpen, holds a decent edge, and won’t rust on you. The hardware is also stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about corrosion at all. 

The Scout 2.5 is designed by Keith Griffin and manufactured by Bestech, so you know you’re getting a quality tool that if taken care of, will last a lifetime. It’s an easy-to-carry fixed blade that won’t get you dirty looks when you pull it out of your pocket. The design is great for EDC-type use and the build quality is flawless.

I really have nothing bad to say about the knife, the quality of the build, or the materials used. The kydex sheath is fine, I just would have preferred the clip to be a bit smaller, but since it’s a universal fit, I understand the reason behind it. 

I would definitely recommend a Griffin Co Scout 2.5 to anyone looking for a quality fixed blade at a reasonable price of $185 directly from Combat Beads website or various retailers like DLT and Urban Edc Supply. Check one out for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed

One thought on “Griffin Co. Scout 2.5 Review

  1. I have the Griffin Co. Scout 2.5 Custom with the aged brass scales, aged brass Phoenix bead, and the same Kydex sheath…..I do have a Paradrop leather sheath on the way. I agree with you 100%. This is the only fixed blade that I’ve ever enjoyed carrying, and it’s size is perfect for EDC. The Scout goes my hand perfectly, and the ergos are spot on. The Scout really performs well above what I expected it to for such a compact knife. I think the materials used are great, and I love the looks of this knife as well. Keith Griffin is currently holding me a Scout Medic that he is going to customize to match my 2.5, and I’m sure I’ll also end up with the new folder as well. Keith is a great guy, making fantastic quality EDC items at an affordable price…..what more could you ask for?


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