Civivi Conspirator Review

By Phil Spano

Where did this thing come from?!

 So one day I’m scrolling through my instagram feed and I see it. The Conspirator by Civivi. It immediately checked all my boxes. Micarta, flipper, button lock, and micarta with a stonewashed nitro-V blade on bearings! This knife can handle whatever you need it to and even things you don’t!

The micarta scales on the Conspirator are grippy with the perfect amount of texture.It is available in a couple of different color options like green, black, or dark green; you can even get it in a beautiful cuibourtia wood. 

This knife is definitely not a lightweight, at 8.11” fully opened, it will even fit in the Big Show’s hands! The drop point blade in nitro-v with full flat grind is perfect for every day use. Coming in at 3.75” with 3.5” cutting surface at .12” thick, you’ll have no problems cutting through anything.

With all that being said, the Conspirator is a fidget monster! I find myself flipping it open and hitting that button lock whenever I’m not busy cutting things with it.  I don’t really have anything bad to say about it, except it’s country of origin, we all know where Civivi’s come from, but it does not feel cheap in anyway at all. The materials are solid and at less than $80 how can you go wrong?!

Check one out for yourself!

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