S.O.G. Powerpint Review

By Phil Spano

Don’t let the name fool you. The SOG PowerPint is a big deal in a small package.

I’ve always had a multitool of some kind in my pocket or on my belt. Working in the trades it’s almost a necessity. Especially when you’re up on a 5th story roof and you forgot you took your wire strippers out of your tool bag because you needed them at home…yep.

There’s a few big names of multitool makers out there, you know who I’m talking about. I’ve had them all. If you’re into carrying a multitool on you, you know how bulky they can be and not to mention heavy!

I came across the SOG PowerPint on a YouTube video and thought why not try it out? This little guy is 5” long when the pliers are out, weighing only 4.8oz, it sits easily and almost unnoticeable in the 5th pocket of my work pants. The SOG compound leverage feature acts just like a set of gears do and make for a smooth, one handed if need be open and increased grip with the pliers.  Not only that, they fit 18 tools in this thing. 18! 

Those 18 tools include:

3 sided file


Bottle opener 

Can opener

Full serrated blade


Hard wire cutter

Needle nose pliers

Philips screwdriver 




Small flathead screwdriver 

Straight edge blade

Center magnetic 1/4 hex bit driver

Jewelry driver 

Line cutter

Soft wire cutter….

You can grab one of these in either stainless steel or coated stainless steel. I opted for the coated variant and so far so good. The coating has held up great. This is an almost perfect multitool for every day necessities. It’ll be a companion on a camping or fishing trip, or any outdoor adventure or use it at work or around the house.The tools are small so I wouldn’t make the blades my primary blades, but they’re there in a pinch. The scissors work well, the the drivers are small but can handle a lot, plus you can use your 1/4 impact bits if you need to.  The pliers and cutters work as intended and with ease. Pick one up for yourself they’re very budget friendly at only $50 right from the SOG website, put it in your pack, your pouch, your purse, or your pocket, it’ll fit, and you’ll have whatever tool you’ll need whenever you need it. 

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