Wild Edibles: Lady’s Thumb

Range: Lady’s Thumb is is an invasive weed that grows all over the United States. It can be found growing in areas from 0-1000 feet above sea level. They are commonly found in gardens and other areas of disturbed soil.

Identification: Lady’s Thumb can get rather large, growing up to 3.5 feet. They have Lance shaped leaves that can be between 2 and 6 inches long and around an inch or less wide. The stems are thin and occasionally have a reddish color. The tell tale sign of these plants is the cluster of tiny pink flowers as seen in the pictures.

Edible Parts: The leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the Lady’s Thumb Plant are edible cooked or raw. The stems are the least tasty and nutritionally beneficial parts.

Taste: Lady’s Thumb taste very similar to lettuce.

Harvest Time: Midspring through early fall.

Nutrition: Lady’s Thumb contains fiber, sugar, fat, tannins, and phenolic acids.

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