Wazoo Survival Gear: Spark Fire Starting Necklace First Look

By Nick Italiano

Wazoo Survival Gear is a company known for making highly functional survival gear that is wearable. This is a a space I belive is very important in the both the outdoor and every day carry community, because let’s be real here, the best survival gear is the gear you have available! While having a pack full of great gear is awesome, what happens if that pack isn’t with you? Maybe it’s at home, maybe it’s floating down a river, or it fell down some ravine. Whatever the reason all that gear is now of no use to you when you need it. Wazoo tries to solve this problem by creating a means of carry essential gear right on your person.

The Spark is no exception to this ethos! This necklace gives you some vital tools to wear around your neck and looks great as well! At it’s core this is a fire starter the Ferocium dongle and ceramic striker is perfect for lighting up some tinder in a pinch. This is so important because the ability to make fire in a emergency situation is absolutely vital to your survival in a variety of outdoor emergencies. Fire can keep you warm, cook your food, disinfect water, and be used to help signal rescue personnel. While there are other ways to make fire without Ferocium it is certainly much easier then crafting a bow drill in a high stress situation.

A tool that is easily broken is definitely not something you want to rely on, and that is why Wazoo makes the striker from Zirconia Ceramic. Zirconoa Ceramic is hard and tough, as well as being chemical and heat resistant. From a usage standpoint this means that it will be functional and durable. I think is especially important in high stress scenarios, because we may not be as careful as we would while practicing or building a leasiurly fire while camping or backpacking.

The strength of the Zirconia Ceramic ensures it is not just a great striker but also a great tool to help you process tinder. You can easily make tinder shaving of standard wood or fatwood by using the strikers edge to scrape the wood. With a little practice you could even use the striker to help hone your axe and knife blade edges. Speaking of honing your blade edges, one of the available options with the new Spark comes with Wazoo’s incredible popular Viking Whetstone which is an awesome portable sharpening system around your neck.

Let’s talk aesthetics for a minute here; while we don’t think of most of our survival gear as a fashion accessory, Wazoo wants to make sure you enjoy wearing your gear. This necklace is full of rugged good looks, and I have received quite a few compliments from people who have no idea of its functionality over the last 2 weeks I’ve been wearing it. Wazoo is also giving us two color options to suit our personal tastes, I have the white one pictired above but there is also a black option which is pictured below. The striker’s shape is nice, and any outdoorsman can see some symbolism there. Maybe you see it as a point of a map, the tip of a spear, a drop of water, or the first spark of a flame when it lights. Any or all of these are in the forefront of many outdoor enthusiasts and will hopefully inspire the wearer to be more connected and confident in the outdoors!

If you’re familiar with Wazoo you are probably aware this isn’t the first fire starter necklace they have made. This new release is based on a great deal of user feed back allowing for more purchase on the striker itself and providing increased functionality to double as a scraping tool. Also new to the Spark will be the new clasp system that allows for easy replacing of the Ferocium dongle customizing the length to fit your needs. While my prototype did not come with this fastener, I did get to see it first hand at Blade Show and I am very impressed with the innovation and functionality.

In the same theme that Wazoo has always done with their products, they combine innovation and functionality with premium materials and good looks to the Spark. While these things are often imitated by others, they are never duplicated. The folks over at Wazoo are profesional outdoors people, not some stiffs in board room trying to come up with gimmicks to win your dollars. They live the outdoor life and the products the create exude that in every detail.

Check out the link below to grab one for yourself!

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