PNW Bushcraft Foraging Pouch Review

By Nick Italiano

Foraging is one of the wilderness skills I have developed and cultivated over the years. It brings a true sense of independence and an interconnectedness with the natural world around us. Like many outdoor skills the need for knowledge and experience is an absolute necessity, but there is also the need for solid and reliable gear to get the job done.

Among the tools you will need to be a successful forager is a pouch, bag, or basket to contain your wild harvest and get it back to camp or home to become your next meal. Enter the PNW Bushcraft Foraging Pouch. This is one of my very favorite and commonly used pieces of gear, and has accompanied me on every trip to the woods over the past few months. This is a compact, thoughtfully designed, and well built pouch that has never let me down! These come in 2 varities at the moment the Mushroom Foraging Pouch and the standard foraging pouch. I will be reviewing the Mushroom Foraging Pouch today.

What drew me to the pouch in the first place was its compact size and ease of carry. The pouch is designed to be worn on your belt, my pouch folded up is about 3.5×4 inches and weights in at 4.16 ounces. Believe me when I say that you won’t even notice it’s there! When opened this bag is 6 by 12 inches, providing plenty of room to contain your harvest.

The pouch is made entirely of high quality waxed canvas, with the exception of the bottom being made of mesh netting allowing the release of mushroom spores and loose dirt particles. The pouch is fixed to you belt and held closed by sturdy metal snaps that will reliably stay closed by are easy to disengage when needed. The stiching on my pouch is absolutely flawless, with no loose threads and has reinforced stiching in high stress areas.

These pouches, along with everything else PNW Bushcraft makes, are made by hand from U.S. sourced materials in the Pacific Northwest by people who are truly passionate about the great outdoors and the outdoor community. They are designed to be used in the wet and humid conditions that are common in the Pacific Northwest (and here in New England), built to last a lifetime, and have a charming blend of vintage aesthetic and modern utility.

This was the first piece of gear I’ve purchased from PNW Bushcraft and after a few months of use I can confidently state it won’t be my last! The incredible build quality, exceptional customer service, and dedication to the community truly sets PNW Bushcraft far above the mass produced items you will find an Amazon or big box stores. These are currently priced around 55 USD for the Mushroom Foraging Pouch and 50 USD for the Standard Foraging Pouch. I’ve included links below. Also be on the look out for limited edition releases, featuring some striking and unique material options.

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